Saturday, December 15, 2007

Green Slime Monsters

I volunteer to help out each Thursday in Isaac's classroom. I had just arrived at lunch time when I noticed Isaac was finishing up this really cool drawing of Green Slime Monsters. It was nearly Halloween, so I took the picture home and we made Halloween greeting cards for some of our friends.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Caterpillar and Jim

This guy and the caterpillar have gone on several adventures. Here is the first of many frames of cartoons Isaac has drawn to show him... Stay tuned. More to follow when I have time to post it.

Brainey-Yack and the Werewolf

This picture pretty much speaks for itself.

Hot Bagel

This poor brown guy is sliding through a tube as fast as he can, attempting to catch his pumpernickel bagel, which is sliding just beyond his reach ahead of him. But wait, don't look now... There is red guy at the end of the tube waiting to help. I think.
Oops. The red guy got the bagel alright, but he's not helping! He just put a gallon of hot sauce all over it. As the brown guy exits the tube he sees what happened and shouts, "NO!!!"


This is Rabies. He is the most famous mouse that I ever met, even more famous than Mickey Mouse. If only I had time to tell you everything about him. He is president of AMOUSICA, a country similar to America, but different in many important ways. Anyway, Rabies is also a pirate, star ship captain, and marshal arts expert, and a number of other things. He also appears on the mouse 100 dollar bill. If you want to see a photograph of Rabies (with his boat), look down on this page to find the entry from March 30, 2007. To see the 100 dollar bill, scroll down a bit further from Rabies and his boat, and you will see it.


Isaac loves to draw kittens, cats, and all kinds of other things. Here is a beany-baby toy that Isaac drew back in August.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mosaic Man

Here is a mosaic that Isaac drew in March, 2007. All the kids in his third grade class made one of their own. According to Isaac's teacher, Isaac's was the most detailed and most carefully done.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sprial Eye Guy

Isaac made this guy on Tuesday morning using watercolor markers.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Orange Kitten with Red Yarn

Isaac traced this kitten a couple months ago, but today he colored it in. It is going to appear on the cover of a thank you card he made for a special teacher.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I Love Ewe

Isaac made this picture months ago, and I finally got around to scanning it. I like the way he used symbols and words to communicate his message. I also like the wiggly eyes!


This is just one of many detailed drawings that Isaac likes to make. He even included a "scale" (average adult human height) so we could see how big that dragon really is. This drawing shows "WORLD RECORDS" of large creatures, as compared to the height of a human.


While preparing a template for a mosaic, Isaac traced this cat. He ended up doing another shape after all, but that's ok.


I recently gave Isaac a plastic template with shapes like the 'speech bubble." As you can see, he enjoys using the template.

Mirror Image (Almost)

This is a full sheet of 9x12 inch paper. Isaac made this near mirror image during Religious Education class at church this Sunday, May 6. First he applied the paint (tan color) and folded the paper. After that, Isaac drew the crayon lines inside the shapes. It reminds me of butterfly wings.

Darth Vader

Isaac drew this small Darth Vader on a scrap of paper during church on Sunday. I always carry one of those pens that has four colors of ink all in one, so he has the option of black, blue, red, and green.

Three Monsters

Isaac drew these monsters in early May, 2007. He loves to draw things like this.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Treasure Map

Isaac made this treasure map today. He started with a flat sheet of white paper and curled the edges (top and bottom) and taped the curled edges in place to make it look authentic. He used a light touch of brown crayon to make the paper look "aged" parchment. He used fancy handwriting to make it look like the kind of writing people used centuries ago. He says the treasure consists of GOLD, an IVORY SKULL, DIAMONDS, and a sword made entirely of DIAMONDS—which means it is very strong.